3. With and without a focus

The essence of shamatha meditation is the state of non-distraction. At the beginning we need something to help us focus because our mind is scattered. After practising with many different objects as a support for our meditation, our mind settles and we can remain undistracted whilst not focussing on anything. This is called shamatha without support. So we learn to move on from using an object to meditating without a focus. This course shows how practising with a focus leads into practising without an object and we practise alternating these two methods. We also try to establish the habit of practising for short moments throughout the day. And we deepen our understanding of the difference between the appearance of mind and the essence of mind.

Week 1 Overview of Shamatha with support
Week 2 Shamatha without Support
Week 3 Alternating Shamatha With and Without Support
Week 4 Shamatha without Support – Awareness
Week 5 Considering Motivation

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