4. Loving Kindness

Meditation teacher Sharon Salzberg says ‘… loving kindness and compassion are inevitably woven throughout meditation practice…Everyone’s mind wanders, without doubt, and we always have to start over…to begin again without rancor or judgement, we are deepening forgiveness and compassion for ourselves.’ Loving Kindness ‘unseals the spring’ of our natural compassion, and builds a confident love in ourselves which expands our capacity to open our hearts to others.
The pace of the class is relaxed, and the loving kindness practices are guided, so there’s no fear of doing it wrong.  We talk you through it step by step and there’s nothing complicated or difficult to do.  It’s simple, very nourishing, and can help you to feel better in yourself.  And when you feel better in yourself, others feel better with you too.
Not sure what it means to love yourself unconditionally? This 4 minute video clip will help:

What does it mean to love yourself?

Week 1 Connecting to our Inner Goodness
Week 2 Loving Kindness for Ourselves
Week 3 Loving Kindness for Ourselves
Week 4 Loving Kindness to Others
Week 5 The Benefits of Loving Kindness and Compassion


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