2B. Using Thoughts & Emotions

Meditation is a process of getting to know our own mind and learning how to work with it. As we move on from using our senses as a focus, we use more and more subtle objects. Our thoughts and emotions can be our greatest distraction and we usually feel that we have no control over them. Here we study the difference between our mind’s appearances (what arises) and mind’s essence. Instead of being lost in our thoughts and emotions, we can instead change our relationship with them and use them as a support for meditation. This course will include time for personal reflection as well as discussion, practice and Q/A.

Week 1 Using Thoughts as Support for Meditation
Week 2 Using Thoughts as Support for Meditation
Week 3 Using Emotions as support for Meditation
Week 4 Using Emotions as Support for Meditation
Week 5 Finding Peace & Stability

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