2A. Using the senses

We start this 5 week course with a short review of the previous sessions – meditating using the breath as a focus. We move on from that to explore how we can use any of our five senses as a focus for mindfulness meditation. Often when we meditate we are distracted by any sensation we experience, and we feel they have to be avoided or eliminated in order to meditate ‘properly’. Well the good news is that rather than seeing these common situations as interruptions or problems, we learn how to use them to strengthen and support our meditation. Slowly we learn that we can use whatever arises in our experience as a support for meditation. Just knowing this can free up our anxiety about meditation. The topics of the teachings and practice are outlined below and each class will include short meditation sessions, videos, reflections, discussions and time for Q/A.

Week 1 Overview of Shamatha Meditation & Using the Breath as a Focus
Week 2 Meditation on Form and Sound
Week 3 Guided Body Scan
Week 4 Using Unpleasant Sensations
Week 5 Using Pleasant Sensations