1. Using the breath

A 5 week introduction to the most universal method of meditation, using the breath as a focus.  This method helps our mind to become more quiet and we soon begin to experience the transformation that meditation can bring. You will also be introduced to the lineage of Tibetan Buddhist practice which assures you of the authenticity of these methods.  The topics of the teachings are outlined below and each class will include short meditation sessions, videos, discussions and time for Q/A. As we progress through the weeks, we build up our capacity for slightly longer sessions of meditation, and when you have completed the course, you will be fully confident to continue to practise at home. Browse here to get a flavour of the topics and practice in this course.

Week 1 The True Purpose of Meditation
Week 2 Contentment
Week 3 The Mind
Week 4 The Benefits of Meditation
Week 5 Integration