Meditation Courses

We offer a full and complete introduction to meditation, with the apt title What Meditation Really Is. Over three terms, we cover 6 modules, each with a different focus. Starting in September, each module runs over 5 weeks and we cover 2 modules each term. As well as receiving detailed instructions on how to meditate, you also feel the benefit of practising in a group. You will be supported by experienced instructors who will take good care of you and will happily answer any of your questions.

Ideally, you come to each session of every module, so that you don’t miss anything. However, life doesn’t always work out like that and so we aim to write a short summary of each evening and post that in our News page. There is an over-arching structure to the modules, but each is complete on its own, so please feel you can start at the beginning of any one of them. If you’ve already done one, or all, of them, please continue to join us for the experience of group meditation. And as meditation is a process, you’ll find you respond differently to the same information a year later.