Cultivating Compassion Course

The details are all up now on the Compassion Course page. There’s also a good page introducing Maureen Cooper, with a short video from a conference in London which she she was invited to present at. If you’ve attended one of Maureen’s courses before you’ll know that she holds a group expertly, tuning into the mood and being funny at times, serious at times. She never shies away from telling it like it is but she does it with compassion, which is why she’s a good advert for her own course. Highly recommended as a life-enhancing experience!

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  1. Nick Hay says:

    Good morning

    I would just like to offer some feedback and ask a question.

    I have mentioned the course to a couple of people I know would be interested and indeed they are, very! However they are put off by the £100 cost. I can understand that in the current climate; there are lots of people around who although employed have little spare cash. I am lucky, being ancient, and on a modest pension, so I can get in for £65 which is OK for me and probably what I would donate anyway. But I do feel that it is a pity that on account of the fixed fee structure the course may not be available to some who would much like to come and who would benefit but who cannot manage the fee.

    Can anything be done do you suppose?

    With warm wishes,

    • Vera says:

      It’s always difficult to pitch the price right. We have to cover the expenses for the course, which includes bringing Maureen from Amsterdam twice, once for each weekend. As a comparison, her 2 day workshop in York in November costs £195, and we’re getting her for 4 days for £100. Having said all that, I’m very happy to raise the question of offering reduced cost places. I suggest anyone you know who fits this category should email and request a reduced fee. I’m sure we can find a solution. Vera

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