Week 1 Module 5 2014 Review

Mary says: We started our 5th module of What Meditation Really is with an introduction to the Unifying practice. We had a go at using an image as our focus of attention, and also using our breath, which we have all become accustomed to in previous modules. These are the approaches used for the body and the mind. We will be learning the approach for the speech in the coming weeks too.

The newer people managed well to adopt the posture for meditation and quickly learned the way to settle our minds, and we all chatted about how we are getting on with the meditation at home.

The teachings were also pointing out that we need to inspire ourselves when we sit to meditate.

For those of us who have learned the Loving Kindness practice last term, we are trying to keep using this practice each day, after doing some calm abiding meditation.

Here is a clip from a teaching Sogyal Rinpoche gave in Spain on meditation. I hope you enjoy it.


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