Review of meditation classes 12 and 19 March 2014

Over the past two weeks we have further explored how our lives might change if our minds changed from our usual fears and emotions to being filled with love and compassion. This was explained with the picture of our mind being like a crystal – reflecting whatever we fill it with. And it’s our choice what to fill it with.

So with this positive aspiration, we slowly extended the scope of our loving kindness practice from ourselves, first to a good friend, then to someone we don’t really know, to someone we don’t really like, and finally to everyone in our area, then eventually to all beings everywhere. Although this may seem like a bit of a stretch, we first contemplated how other people are actually just like us. They too are looking for happiness and they too want to avoid suffering. This allows us to share our loving kindness with less judgement.

By the time we did the last guided practice on the last evening of this course, it’s remarkable how effective it was and how much we all connected to some extent with our inner goodness. We know this can be difficult to sustain, but if you can invest half an hour on this guided loving kindness practice by Sharon Salzburg, you will truly reap the benefits.

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