Mary’s Review of Meditation Class on 5 March

We spent the evening revisiting our ability to love ourselves. Making a connection with the love we have received from someone in the past was the starting place for “unsealing the spring”: that source of love inside us, which can build our confidence in being able to give love to ourself and then to others. The Tibetan Book of Living & Dying , Chapter 12, gives details.  For advice on how to make friends with ourselves, to become content, to “be” at home with ourselves, and find the confidence to love, watch this short teaching from Sogyal Rinpoche.

During the week we’re going to try practising the phrases “may I be happy, may I be well”, allowing that feeling of love and contentment to pervade us, without the usual judgemental mind jumping in and undermining our wellbeing.

This all sounds straightforward, but when you sit down to do it, just be gentle on yourself. Many of us have found this to be sound and compassionate advice.

From this basis we will continue next week starting to radiate love out from ourselves to others.

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