Review of week 4 2014

From Kevin:

Do you ever find yourself getting lost in your mind’s stories, thoughts and projections? Isn’t it a relief to just escape from the mental cinema sometimes? Well, in meditation you can learn to spot what’s happening, ‘bring your mind home’ and return to pure awareness, your true nature. That was the topic of last week’s session: awareness. But what is it exactly? As Rinpoche pointed out in last week’s teaching, ‘it was there when you were born, it was there in your childhood, in your teenage period, when you become old … when you’re sad, when you’re happy, when you’re angry, it’s always there, in the background.’ Meditation can help us to rest in this awareness. Rinpoche explores this topic further in this teaching: ‘Awareness and the Three Principles of Meditation’. In the next session we’ll be looking at motivation and thinking more about the benefits of a regular sitting practice. We hope you’re feeling those benefits already.

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