Review of week 3 2014

Last week we did longer sittings than usual in our exploration of meditation with and without support. Nobody ran out screaming, so we see this as a sign that we’re all appreciating the value of longer and deeper periods of silent sitting. It can sometimes take a while for our minds to settle in ‘a state of non-distraction’. However, don’t forget the value of shorter five minute sessions as we gradually become familiar with the methods. We also heard Rinpoche’s advice on practising throughout the day. We can think of this as like preparing ‘a thermos full of coffee or tea’ at the beginning of the day, and then ‘from time to time’ you can ‘pour yourself a little’. So, remember to prepare and pack your mindfulness every morning through regular sitting practice. Then, as Rinpoche explains in ‘Integrating meditation during the day’, ‘your mind transforms’ and ‘in everything you do you are present, mindful and aware’. Next week we’ll be hearing more about these benefits and hopefully experiencing them in our sittings. Hope to see you. Kevin.


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