Week 5 Meditation Methods Review

‘Finding peace and stability’. That was the topic of the last week of our last introductory meditation course of 2013. Isn’t that what we are all trying to do? But how are we going about it? Sometimes we find periods of peace, but then ‘real life’ crashes in. Sometimes we feel that our lives are stable, but then things collapse around us like a house of cards. Meditation practice is all about finding the kind of peace and stability which doesn’t collapse, which is based on inner peace and contentment. A daily practice of meditation can help us to observe our sensations, thoughts and emotions rather than getting swept away by them. ‘Once you’ve practised’, as Rinpoche says in his teaching, ‘Really integrating meditation during the day’, ‘you are in a good space, your mind has been transformed. So then, what is really important is for you to then apply that in whatever you do.’ So, let’s begin to bring some real peace into the world, starting with ourselves.

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