Week 4 Meditation Methods Review

Last week we learned about gossiping neurons in our brains. They form gangs which control our emotional lives by gathering together and making our emotions seem strong and solid: anger, desire, envy, and so on. They appear so solid and real that we think they are really us. Through meditation we can observe how fickle, irrational and unreliable they are. Just watch them. They come and go, making a lot of fuss. With practice, you can get a handle on these gangs of emotions with some skilful gang-busting tricks. For example weakening the anger gang by strengthening the desire gang. It takes a bit of practice, that one. But it all starts with mindfulness. Observing how emotions arise and dissolve is part of a process of becoming more and more familiar with ourselves. We may think we know ourselves pretty well. Well, the Tibetan teacher, Khandro Rinpoche, explains in the following teaching that meditation is about getting to know ourselves even better: ‘What meditation really is’, Khandro Rinpoche.

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