Week 3 Meditation Methods Review

Last week we had session 3 of our whistle-stop tour through different meditation methods. We looked at meditation on thoughts. Our tour so far has included watching the breath, using our senses, and using physical sensations. So, what should we make of an instruction like ‘now look directly at your thoughts’? Where are they? What do they look like? Was that one? Oops, missed it. Slippery little devils, aren’t they? Well, we can see that it’s an exploration process. The trick is to stay mindful, aware and spacious. Don’t indulge in your thoughts and all their stories. But don’t repress them either. Just observe how they appear and disappear. Like clouds in the sky. Like waves in the ocean. Eventually the mind settles into a state of ‘natural great peace’. It takes time and practice, but isn’t it worth the effort? Eventually you realise that your thoughts are not you. Here is a video teaching by Sogyal Rinpoche which helps us to reflect on this realisation: Who are we?

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