Week 2 Meditation Methods Review

Last week we tried using physical sensations as the object of our mindfulness again. There’s one thing you can say about physical sensations: you can’t escape them. Comfortable or uncomfortable, they’re always there. Of course, your breath is always there too, which is why it’s usually the first thing you can practise with when you sit down to meditate. So,if your mind starts surfing its usual selection of mental channels and replaying past episodes of your personal soaps and sitcoms, why not give it something else to do? Gently, lightly, bring your attention to the breath. If the breath seems too vague to get a handle on, try focusing on sounds, or the forms of things around you? The trick here is not to start up a mental commentary. Let go of thoughts. Actually, next week we’ll be having a closer look at those pesky thoughts. But don’t forget the basics: think about your posture, and be mindful, aware and spacious. Here are three short meditations to help you to develop these good habits: guided meditations.

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