Week 1 Meditation Methods Review

It was good to see newcomers and continuers for the first week of our 5-week course looking at different methods for settling the mind. The good news here is that all those things that might normally think of as distractions can actually help us to meditate. You might want to try meditation but then think ‘Nope, can’t do it with all that noise going on outside’, or ‘I would meditate if I didn’t have this pain in my knee’, or ‘I’m really not in the mood right now, and besides, there’s something good on TV’. Well, with a little bit of tweaking of your mental focus, you can try turning your attention towards these apparent obstacles instead of away from them. Gradually, paying attention to our senses, our thoughts, and our emotions, we can see that everything we experience in life can become an object of our mindfulness. Of course this gradual experimenting with methods needs a solid foundation, so let’s check that we have the basics under our belts with Steps 1-10 of ‘Dare to Meditate’ on the website whatmeditationreallyis.com.

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  1. Heather says:

    “Week 1 Meditation Methods Review | Edinburgh Meditation Classes” was indeed truly engaging and useful!
    Within modern universe that is really difficult to deliver.
    With thanks, Victoria

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