Week 4 Autumn 2013 Review

This week we were starting to look at the scientific evidence of how meditation can help us. As we have all found, it takes a bit of inspiration and determination to start meditation, and to keep a practice going. If we can feel that it is doing us good, this can really help us to see that the time we spend is worthwhile.

The scientific evidence can be a wee bit challenging to understand, so here is a link to an article in the Huffington Post, which gathers health benefits of doing meditation. It presents some of the information in a diagram which may help to clarify what they are talking about. There’s some technical jargon in it, but you don’t need to understand it in detail to get the overall picture.

We’ve been discussing whether there was too much science in the class this week. What did you think? Please let us know, either in class next week, or with a comment below.

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