Thoughts from the Edinburgh Festival

Radio 4’s early morning programme was based in Edinburgh today – even serious news programmes cannot ignore the Fringe. They were acknowledging the fact that stand up comedians are the most populous in the fringe and joking that the actors are getting jealous as comedians get bigger audiences.

I enjoyed listening to Hardeep Singh Kohli deliver the ‘thought for the day’ and manage to be both funny and serious during his presentation. He was a good reminder that a sense of humour is definitely an asset in life, particularly if we can laugh at ourselves sometimes.

And if you are trying to establish a regular meditation practice, a sense of humour is certainly helpful. Meditation is rarely what we think it’s going to be and accepting the humour of that is a great start. As we develop a sense of self which is not based on our wealth or possessions, we also develop the confidence to be able to laugh (or at least smile) at what life throws at us. So don’t give up on the practice – practise meditating and practise laughing.

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