Integrating Meditation in Daily Life

Our current course is exploring how to integrate meditation with the activity of daily life. We have already heard that meditation is the state of non-distraction and so we practise bringing this awareness into everyday activities. This week we also introduced the idea of how to check our motivation in the morning and our actions in the evening.

There were some suggestions for how to begin our day with meditation and start the day’s activities in the atmosphere of our practice. One of the teachings we watched is called ‘Even Breakfast can be Practice’. We explored how to transform our day with informal practice and having skilful reminders of how to develop the habit of remembering to practise throughout the day.

Essentially informal practice is a way to break our usual habits of distraction and replacing them more and more with mindfulness and awareness. In the beginning this takes some effort, but it becomes easier and easier the more we practise it.

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