Meditation Class Weeks 3 and 4 Review

Over the last two weeks we have learned and practised a mantra. We learned that mantra is ‘that which protects the mind’ and it works on our inner world of sound, emotion and energy. This brings us gently from our outer environment, using an image, to our inner environment.

The mantra we are using is called the Vajra Guru mantra and the full explanation of the meaning can be found in The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying, in Appendix 4. As it has meaning on so many levels, we decided as beginners, we wouldn’t worry too much about that. Instead we would try to relate to it, and chant it, from the heart rather than the head. And this seemed to work well as the chanting was wonderful. We have a link to the mantra, so that we can all download it and have it to practise with at home.

Click to listen or download the Vajra Guru mantra.

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