Week 6 meditation class review

This week we did two guided practices, first we repeated the Loving Kindness practice for ourselves from last week, then we continued with a second practice called ‘Unsealing the Spring’. This is taken from the Tibetan Book of Living and Dying. ¬†If you have a copy, you can read it in full on p199 in the 2002 edition. If you have a newer version (there are several), you’ll find it in Chapter 12: Compassion: The Wish-fulfilling Jewel, under the heading ‘How to Awaken Love and Compassion’. ¬†Particularly in our goal-oriented, fast paced society, we don’t always have enough time to take care of our inner selves and we need to develop compassion for and in ourselves to be able to show compassion to others. So this practice awakens the memory of having been genuinely loved by someone at some point in our past, and ‘re-activates’ this feeling so that we begin to be able to spread it to others.

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