Week 5 meditation class review

We’re now half way through this course so from now we’ll be focussing on practising rather than learning how to practise, so that’s why we have closed the group to people who have not yet done received the meditation instructions.

This week we continued with the practice of Loving Kindness for ourselves and listened to a teaching by Sogyal Rinpoche on why this is not selfish or self-centred. ┬áMany of us, particularly in fast-paced modern societies, get caught up in being so busy that we haven’t taken the time to develop an inner confidence in ourselves. We may not believe we are truly lovable, and can become dependent on others’ attitudes and affections to affirm our lovable-ness. ┬áSo the practice of Loving Kindness for ourselves gets us back in touch with our true goodness and helps us to begin to love ourselves, so that we may also love others.

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  1. Jan says:

    thanks Vera. i am practising in the mountains. not a bad place for it. xxx

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