Week 3 meditation class review

This week was a review of what we’ve covered so far, and consolidated our understanding of shamatha with and without support, that is using an object and then dropping the object once we have settled. We listened to a teaching on being in the state of non-distraction, being centred, being serene, and being sensitive, but not too sensitive, being aware but not being self-conscious. We may not all have mastered that yet, but we are clearer on where we’re going with it.  A very helpful image we heard was ‘water, if you don’t stir it becomes clear, in the same manner, mind left unaltered, will find its true peace’.  And ‘when the clouds (=our thoughts and emotions) slowly settle and dissolve, what is revealed is the sky-like nature of our mind, our true nature’.

As always, we had some questions about practice, and hopefully we answered them all clearly.  People regularly tell us that it’s our detailed, practical advice about doing meditation that helps so much during the week.



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