Week 2 Meditation Class Review

The coldest day of the winter kept a few people at home – understandably.  We ‘did the maths’ of meditation first – 25% mindfulness (of an object), 25% awareness (of whether we’re mindful) and 50% spaciousness.  Spaciousness is the aspect which is the greatest challenge, but it’s the biggest part, so it is important.  It’s definitely something that comes with practice, you can’t engineer it, will it to happen, or get frustrated when it isn’t there – that just won’t work.

We heard a helpful quotation from Sharon Saltzberg, explaining that compassion is woven throughout meditation, and we need to be compassionate to ourselves (‘to find the heart’ ) to continually re-start our meditation – ‘the art of beginning again’. This is such a relief to those of us whose minds wander off again and again!

We reflected that our ‘core being’ is pure goodness and discussed ways to help us get into the habit of meditating regularly.  And we all left with the intention of sitting for a few minutes each day, but we won’t be hard on ourselves if we don’t – we’ll just begin again!


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