Mindfulness in the Olympics

Have you been an armchair athlete enjoying the successes of Team GB?  Listening to the commentaries, and to the interviews, I was thinking that there’s a lot of talk of concentration and focus being almost the most important requirement for winning (unless you’re Usain Bolt!).  And for those who ‘failed’ to get a gold, they often seemed to speak of being overwhelmed by the atmosphere and so didn’t do their best.  This started me thinking about the difference between the concentration, which we call mindfuless, the awareness and the spaciousness which we hear about in meditation practice.  We learn about the differences between them, and how we need all three to be present to let meditation happen.  Then I wondered whether having all three present in the minds of the athletes would have made a difference? Could mindfulness meditation improve Team GB’s performance? What about a meditation Olympics:)? What do you think?

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  1. mary deans says:

    Lets get Meditation- mindfulness, awareness & spaciousness together, up & running in time for the Commonwealth Games.

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