Integrating meditation

We have spent the last few weeks building confidence in our practice of shamatha meditation by learning the key points about what meditation really is and how to apply it in our daily lives.  We have heard about the scientific research into the benefits, but hopefully we have also started to practise at home and are beginning to see the changes which we can enjoy as a result of just a short daily practice.

Here is a brief summary of Module 1:

The essence and foundation of meditation is the state of non-distraction.

We need awareness as well as mindfulness because without it we’ll be wandering off in our own stories, like a soap opera or a daydream.

We start to work with our mind, you could say to tame our mind, by first making friends with it.  We cannot make friends with our mind by struggling with our thoughts and emotions, or by suppressing them or trying to make them go away.  Nor do we surrender completely and follow whatever is going on in our minds.  We give our thoughts and emotions space and are simply aware of them.

As long as we remain aware of what is going on and we are not distracted, then whatever we experience is actually meditation.  And when we get a glimpse of our true nature, we feel good, we feel really well, so don’t get distracted. Come back to mindfulness, to awareness and to that space.

And come back to Module 2, starting on 23 April, 7.45pm at The Salisbury Centre.  Hope to see you there.

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