Spontaneous Practice

Thanks to an unplanned technological intervention (!), this week gave us the opportunity to recap and focus on practice.  And, of course the teachings scheduled for this week will be covered next week, so you definitely won’t miss anything.  And we all benefit from longer meditation sessions together, just in case we haven’t done so much at home.  This week included walking meditation, which is just one example of what we can use as an object of mindfulness.  We can use many different objects as support for shamatha, so here’s a quick plug for our next course, Module 2, starting on Monday 23 April, when we will practise using different senses, thoughts and emotions as support.

The three components which are present in each of these meditations are mindfulness, awareness and spaciousness, and we use the proportions of 25%, 25% and 50%.  But that’s just a guideline, the most important thing is that all three are present together.  This might take a bit of time to get used to, but it really does help to work with this.

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