Benefits of meditation

Knowing the benefits of meditation can inspire us to practise, so this week we  learned about the benefits from the Buddhist perspective and from the scientific research.  And there is perhaps a little surprise to find that they agree.

From a Buddhist point of view, the highest goal of meditation is to awaken in us our fundamental goodness, our good heart, where kindness, love and compassion naturally rise.   This brings us in touch with ourselves, and we experience less of a barrier between ourselves and others, which naturally makes our lives more peaceful and harmonious.  We can all imagine how that transformation would benefit our lives.

Studies done in the USA have found that the brain has the ability to change its structure and function.  Neuroscientists have discovered that meditation increases activity in the parts of the brain associated with positive emotions.  This change was seen vividly on MRI scans which were done on experienced meditators.  However, the good news for us is that some increase in activity was also observed on new meditators after practising for 30 minutes a day for only two weeks.

Click on the link to read an interesting article on how meditation modifies the brain. And do add a comment if you like.

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