Meditation by candlelight

Yes, there was a power cut somewhere and the class was sitting with candlelight only – but no problem, you can use a candle as the object of mindfulness meditation.  It’s like giving your mind just one toy to play with, and in this instance, the one toy is a candle.  You can also use a flower, a crystal, or an image of a buddha.

And during the week, I found a video clip about Appearance and Essence of Mind, which is a good refresher from last week’s class.  Try to watch this clip now, as it’s on the blog page and will change soon.  Post a comment if you can’t find it later and we’ll look for another link for you.

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2 Responses to Meditation by candlelight

  1. Gavin Cullen says:

    I just wanted to say that I am loving this website! It’s easy to use, written in a clear, warm and helpful style. Really good job, you guys. I hope it pulls the crowds in, love & best wishes, Gavin x

    • Vera says:

      Thanks for that. We’re new to this approach, so it’s good to have some positive feedback. And if you enter your email address in the ‘Register for course updates’ box, you’ll also be able to see the emails we send out with links to video clips.

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