Appearance and Essence of Mind

This week we reviewed this topic, as well as doing some longer meditation sessions.  The images we considered were the difference between the sun and the rays of the sun. So our thoughts and emotions are like the rays of the sun,k but that’s not the sun itself.  The sun itself is like our essence or nature of mind.  This is something to think about, as it may not come easily or rapidly how this could change our outlook. So the practice of meditation helps us to identify more with the sun and less with its rays, bringing us closer to our real nature.

We are also practising the mindfulness of watching the breath, and trying to get a balance, not too much concentration, not too much relaxation, and also watching that we come back to the breath when we notice that we’ve wandered off, without giving ourselves a hard time.  So we’re placing 25% of our attention on the breath, 25% on watchful awareness to check whether we are on the breath, and 50% of our attention is remaining spaciously.  But we don’t fixate on the percentages either, but try to have all three elements present.  Try the guided meditation on Watching the Breath then leave a comment below if you like.

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