Week 1 Review

Our first Edinburgh meditation class was a great success.  We were delighted to welcome so many new people – and a few old friends too.  Mary and Mukesh are the instructors on this module, and they did a great job, making everyone feel relaxed, and answering questions easily and fully.

After some introductions, and a reflection of what we think meditation is, we watched a DVD clip where Sogyal Rinpoche explained what meditation is on this course.  ‘A process of coming to know one’s own mind’ was one definition I particularly liked.  We did start meditation practice, but very simply, just sitting straight and relaxed and not really trying to do anything in particular.  We did this a few times, in between watching the clips, and having a nice cup of tea (great selection of teas) and good biscuits.

The next clip was looking more about what meditation is not, as meditation is a word which has so many different meanings to different people.  It’s called What Is Meditation and you can watch it online by clicking here.

I think everyone loved the next teaching from Mingyur Rinpoche, when he talked about our ‘monkey mind’,  and how we can learn to deal with it when we first start to meditate.  It was so entertaining, and yet I think we all recognised what he was talking about, especially when we did a short meditation afterwards.  See it here.

Next week we will briefly go over what we learned, then spend more time on practice, so if you missed week one, no problem, you’ll be prepped and ready for week two after watching these two clips.

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