More meditation practice

During an instructors meeting this morning, we have been discussing the length of time spent on meditation practice on a beginners course.  We never want to scare newcomers by   sitting in silence for two hours on the first night, yet we know that it’s actually doing the practice that makes the difference.  The participants in the bbc stories about meditation and its effects did 30 minutes a day, so we were wondering how to come up with longer practice sessions but still give enough time to teaching so that newcomers have the time to understand all the details of the method and the rationale behind it.  Well, we’ve done it!  We’ve divided the introductory meditation class into teaching and practice on alternate weeks.  It was so simple once you think of it.  Learn about how to do it one week with just a short practice, then review and consolidate practice the next week.  So we’ve update our Modules information to reflect this and we’re sure you’ll agree that this is an improvement. This way, anyone who has already come to our Edinburgh meditation classes in the past, can drop in on the practice-centred weeks when can, and thus benefit from group practice.

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