Meditation does work

Following yesterday’s news item about meditation, today we saw the results of the MRI scans on two of the group who had been meditating for 20 minutes a day.  One was the journalist, David Sillito and the other was a lady who suffers from a lot of pain.  She said that her meditation helped her deal with the pain, it doesn’t get rid of it, but it makes it bearable.  And the scan clearly showed the difference in her brain activity. David Sillito’s scan showd that when he meditated, there was less activity in the area of the brain associated with self-centredness.  Because this was only one experiment, the bbc are careful not to claim this as complete proof, but it does suggest that meditation can help with stress, pain and self centredness.  See the short, 3 minute clip here:

David Sillito went on later to say that he is continuing to meditate because he feels better, and it’s improving his life.  He was amazed to discover the busyness of his thoughts, which he now reflects were actually preventing him from doing something constructive, as he was spending so much time being busy with thinking.  He now finds that he has more space to do, rather than just to think.  We could all benefit from some of this, couldn’t we?  You have the opportunity to learn to meditate in a class in central Edinburgh, starting next Monday, 9th January.  See here for details.

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