Making holidays happy

Apparently not all of us enjoy this festive time and we’re not all filled with love and joy over Christmas.  The pressure of shopping and the Christmas dinner makes us short-tempered and we usually take it out on our nearest and dearest.  Many people get into debt as they struggle to keep up with the latest must-have gadgets and toys and this brings even more stress and anxiety into the new year.  Hearing all this on the news made me a bit sad really, as this is supposed to be a season of goodwill to all and yet we’re struggling to put a brave face on it, never mind actually feel happy.  So where do we look for happiness?  Often at this time of year we look for happiness in our presents, both given and received, but then we find we’ve given something which is obviously a bad choice, and we’ve received something which we don’t really like.  Now I’m not suggesting for a moment that we stop giving Christmas presents (give them the receipt if you’re not sure about it), but it’s also an opportunity to reflect about where to look for a deeper, less dependent happiness.  Through the wisdom of meditation, we can find a deep peace and contentment.  We discover a profound stillness which is always with us, beneath the turbulence of of all our thoughts and emotions.  Now isn’t that a present worth giving to ourselves? And it’s not just for Christmas.

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