First meditation class nerves

I was just chatting with a friend about what it was like when we went to our first meditation class in Edinburgh.  although it’s a few years ago now, we both remember it clearly.  As we didn’t have any prior experience of meditation and didn’t really know what it would be about, we were actually a bit nervous that it would be a bit weird and maybe a bit of cult.  What a relief to find that the folks we met were actually very normal, and the stuff we talked about was totally practical and made sense to anyone, without any obvious religious overtones, just practical common sense.  But when we were ready to have a go at actual meditation practice, watching the breath, I shrieked when the instructor suggested 10 minutes, as I’d never been silent for that long in my life (as those of you who know me will confirm).  He very kindly reduced that to 3 minutes, and I found that hard enough.  But you know, that’s how I started my meditation practice, with just 3 minutes a day.  So if you’re thinking about joining our meditation class in January, don’t worry about what you’re letting yourself in for, we can make it something that you can cope with.

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