First meditation class in 2012

Ooops, we just noticed that we made a mistake with our posting information about the start of our meditation classes at the Salisbury Centre, Edinburgh in January 2012.  We always meet on Mondays but obviously didn’t check next year’s diary properly (well actually I’m still hoping to get a filofax refill for Christmas! – you know who you are) and so made a mistake with the date.  We’ve changed all the ones we’ve noticed, but in case you do see any dates, let’s be absolutely clear that the first meditation class will be on Monday 9th January 2012, from 7.45 – 9.30 pm.  So we had the day right and the date wrong, an easy mistake to make, but still, it wouldn’t be good if you turned up on the wrong day.  Even though your first class is free, I’m sure you’d like to meet the instructors and the other nice people taking the meditation class, so you’d be a bit cheesed off if we weren’t there, wouldn’t you?  And that’s not really part of our plan.  We’d love to see you there and to have a chat and a cup of tea and, of course, do some meditation practice.

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