History of our Edinburgh Meditation Classes

I met up with John Bald (contact us via John for information about Edinburgh meditation classes) yesterday and we had coffee at the Himalaya Centre in South Clerk Street.  I also had a delicious wrap which was very reasonably priced and freshly made.  John and I were chatting about the history of Rigpa’s meditation classes at the Salisbury Centre as I’d never really known how long they’d been doing them.  It turns out, quite a long time in fact.  Inspired by reading The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying in 1998, John joined the meditation class in Edinburgh.  His wife, Mary, had already done the groundwork by phoning the London Rigpa centre the year before and had found that there was a meditation class in Edinburgh which had started in 1997.  After that he was clearly hooked, as he’s still coming to them.  So they’re enjoyable not just for beginners, but for old timers too (sorry John, only joking).

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