Edinburgh Meditation Classes

Weekly meditation classes in central Edinburgh

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When: Our next course starts on 23 April 2014. Classes are on Wednesdays 7.30pm – 9.30pm, from 23 April to 21 May 2014 (5 weeks).

Where: Skylark Cafe, 42 Hamilton Place, Stockbridge, EH3 5AX. See the map for details.

Cost: £25 (£20 conc) payable in Week 1 or £6 (£4) per week. Free tea and biscuits.

Browsing our News page shows what we’ve been doing in previous classes. And if you want to get a flavour of what we do in our classes, take a look at these video clips. Maybe watch one a day, rather than all at once, and send any questions you may have here.

Our courses are very suitable for complete beginners.  Our instructors have all trained for a minimum of 5 years and they are all friendly and easy to talk to.  Our success is based on giving very detailed instructions on how to meditate and having time to answer questions and give specific advice to help you to make progress.  See our Testimonials page for comments.

What’s happening at the moment?

The course started on 19 February is Module 4 of ‘What Meditation Really Is’.

This 5 week course very briefly reviews the detailed instructions on how to meditate, which were covered in the previous modules.  These classes include short meditation sessions, contemplations, videos, discussions, and guided practice of Loving Kindness. And, of course, a chat over a cup of tea and a biscuit. Each week builds on the previous week’s practice and so it’s best to be able to come to each class in this module.  New people are encouraged to prepare by looking at ‘Dare to meditate’ Step 1 – 10 to get a flavour of the meditation we practise. But if not, don’t worry, week one gives you a brief catch up.


Previous Courses: Module 1 , Module 2 and Module 3.


Is this course suitable for me?

Most people who come to our courses are beginners who have no meditation experience at all, or at least not much. We have met students, teachers, carers, nurses, office workers, managers, social workers, self-employed business people and many more.  The reasons they come are varied but most often they are looking for some change, some improvement in their quality of life.  We could call it de-stressing or coping, but whatever we call it, it’s about finding some space in which to be more comfortable with ourselves.  We can’t always change our circumstances, but we can change how we deal with them.  So the people who come to our classes are people like you!