Edinburgh Meditation Classes

Next 5-week meditation course starts 17 February 2016:

Loving Kindness Meditation

You don’t have to know how to meditate to enjoy the Loving Kindness practice – but we’ll cover the instructions for mindfulness meditation during this 5 week course. Compassion isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity for our wellbeing. We need to learn to love ourselves in a positive way. We’ll take the first steps towards compassion practice with this loving kindness, or metta, practice.
Some comments on how it feels to follow our guided practice include : ‘It’s like being wrapped in a warm cashmere blanket.’ and ‘It’s like a drink of pure goodness that nourishes the heart.’

Key Features: 

  •  Short guided meditations
  • Check your progress
  • Q/A with instructors
  • Individual guidance
  • Practical applications

Booking:        Enter your details on the right or register on Wednesday 17th February

Where?          Healthy Life Centre, 35-37 Bread Street, Edinburgh EH3 9AL

When?         17 February to 16 march 2016 Wednesdays 7.30 pm – 9.30 pm

Cost?             £25 (£16 conc.) for complete course

Not sure what it means to love yourself unconditionally? This 4 minute video clip will help:


Not sure about meditation? This 3 minute video clip will help: